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Our Funding Target RM6,000,000
Now Our Funding RM52020.00 Update weekly

如果是以支票付款,请将支票支付于“Church of the Holy Name of Mary您也可以將您的捐款汇入峇冬丁宜圣母圣名堂于新邦安拨丰隆银行的户口内。請把銀行收據交給本堂辦公室以获得正式的收據。感恩!天主保佑!

To send in your donation by cheque, kindly make your payable to “Church of the Holy Name of Mary”.
You can also bank in your donation directly to our account at Hong Leong Bank, Simpang Ampat Branch. To find an official receipt for completed donation, please display the banking receipt to the Church of The Holy Name of Mary’s parish office.


Account Name: Church of the Holy Name of Mary
Hong Leong Bank Berhad

银行户口号码: 229-00-01493-6
Bank Account Number:

Why We Need New Church


History - Church of Holy Name of Mary

The Holy Name of Mary Church, Permatang Tinggi, find its origin from Catholic Church of St.John the Baptist, Batu Kawan (1838 – 1890).

1946, Fr. Couellon built St.John the Baptist Church, Batu Kawan to preach the Good News to the farmers in Batu Kawan. Due to the destroy of the agriculture by pests, the Catholics move out from Batu Kawan to Bukit Maertajam, Permatang Tinggi, and Machang Bubok. This form the earliest place of worship in northen region of Malaysia.

10th September 1893, Fr. Bouheret baptized the first child in Permatang Tinggi which is taken as the birthday of the parish.

1928, the “Church Holy Name of Mary, Permatang Tinggi” was built with the help of the Catholic during the service of Fr.Michael Seet. All the parishioner took part in building the church by offering financial support and labors such as carry water from river, transporting sand, laying bricks etc.

November 2013, Church of the Holy Name of Mary hosted a dinner to celebrate its 85th birthday

Our Church Founder Fr.Michael Seet-church at the early days ~1928


1846年葛伦神父 (Fr Coucellon) 在峇都交湾建了一间圣若翰堂,以对住在峇都交湾的农夫们宣传福音。 由于峇都交湾的农作物收到害虫侵蚀,教友们逐渐搬移至外地发展如大三角、峇都丁宜以及马章武莫。这是马来西亚北马区最初的传教中心。

1893年9月10日,布赫来神父 (Fr Bouheret)为第一位儿童教友施行洗礼,这也是被列为堂区的生日。

1928年,峇冬丁宜圣母圣名堂在薛麦克神父(Fr Michael Seet) 任职期间,与教友同心合力建造而成。所有堂区教友参与筑堂工作,有钱出钱,有力出力,挑水、扛沙、敲砖等工作,充分表现出合作的精神。


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